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Optical Touch Frame

1. Zero pressure required: finger, gloved hand or any other pointer.2. Once-only, 4-point calibration with no drift.3. USB powered, HID compliant.4. Win7 OS is suggested.5. Fit screen size 24"/ 16:9 screen is suggested. For more video information, please refer to link below: http://www.youtube.com/

6W MR16 LED Cree

1.Power consuming only ~10% of halogen! It means your electric bill become only ~1/10 of your original payment after you replace with LEDs. 2.Life span up to 10 times of halogen! You don't need to replace the light bulbs so frequently. Save your time and save your money! 3.Cold light, No heat radia

Customized Industrial Computer

"Service Item" We can help you to search or introduce you the venders about kinds of application systems, such as measurement ststems, controller systems, Industrial PC and customerized systems. This is a special service for iFactor's customers. Please inform us your requirement or specificatio

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